Is it possible to run multiple formats in one campaign?

You should create a separate campaign and choose the type of format which you need - can only when creating. 

What are Topline, Slider, Message banner, Bottomline, Fullscreen?

"Topline" - height of a banner to 90 pixels, the full width of the top of the browser and located under the address bar
Allowed sizes: 600x90, 728x90, 800x110, 600x100, 468x60
Allowed extensions: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, swf


"Slider" - banner with a size 300x250, 350x250, 250x250, 240x400, 320x240, which is located at the bottom right of the site
Allowed sizes:  300x250, 350x250, 250x250, 240x400, 320x240
Allowed extensions: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, swf, flv


"Message banner" - banners which look like as a notification in messaging systems 


"Bottomline" - height of a banner to 90 pixels, the full width of the top of the browser and located under the bottom of the browser 
Allowed sizes:  600x90, 728x90, 800x110, 600x100, 468x60
Allowed extensions: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, swf


"Fullscreen" - flash-banner of 1000x700 pixels, which takes the main part of the browser window.

Which requirements for visitors (targeting) can I specify?

Category, Geo targeting, Timetables and different limits: hour, days and others are available at the system.
If you need others - contact, please, the Support.

How can increase the volume of visitors which I am getting?

Use, please, all available formats: "Topline", "Slider", "Message banner", "Bottomline"
Disable all targeting and limits - almost all targeting, which you using, doesn't need for banner formats,
because you don't pay for impressions when choosing the method of paying for transitions and only the visitors,
which are interested by the content of will do a transition to your site. 
So, using targeting you only narrowing the potential audience of client.
Increase a price
Buy visitors, more than one time a day.

I ordered 1000 transitions, but a counter showed only 600.

Alot of visitors which are using different antiviruses and firewall, which are blocking a loading of graphics(counter) on the sites.
Counters are arranged so that they record the user only when he has uploaded counter image.
If the loading of image are blocking for user on his computer - counter won't detect him, although he visited your site.
Network Ginads using accounting system which doesn't depend on the user's computer graphics settings

In what way can I top up my account balance?

At the moment we accept

Capitalist, Paxum, Payeer, Visa, Mastercard,Mir, Advcash, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Yoomoney, QIWI

Crypto(Tether, Tron, TON, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, Dash, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, MATIC, BUSD, EOS, USD Coin, DAI, NixMoney, EXMO)

When creating an advertising campaign I set limit of 1700 hits UA-night traffic, but your statistics show no more than 1500. Why?

Apparently network has less traffic, which is suitable for your requirements or contains insufficient high price - system working to increasing the volume of visitors Ginads.com
Please try to disable the least important targetings or raise the price.

Is it possible to receive data about the sites, publishers, keywords, from which traffic comes?

Yes, it’s possible. 
The domains of sites from which you get visitors openly transmitted and can be seen in any external statistics.
If you want get other data - use, please, relevant parameters:

{wm_account_id} - publisher ID; 
{wm_site_id} - site ID; 
{campaign_id} - campaign ID; 
{kwlist} - keywords; 
{ad_type} - banner type (slider topline and other);
{location} - city; 
{country} - country; 
{topic_id} - topic; 
{banner_id} - banner ID.

Finally you will get an URL like this: 

How can I return the spent money?

Unfortunately, it is impossible, because the funds transferred to the owners of sites, to ensure the transition in your resource

Can I refund the unspent funds from my account?

Yes, it is possible, but only if your campaigns isn't spreading viruses or they were not recognized as such by moderators.

Period for consideration of applications for withdrawal is 24 hours. Fee is 10% of the replenishment amount.

Where the code of system should be optimal placed?

The best place for install the code of system - as high as possible in the code of your site, after the opening tag - <body> 

What is PHP code and how to use it?

PHP code - is a code that is optimized for evading ad blockers.
Such code brings more income.


Installation of PHP code:
1) you need to download php file;

2) rename arbitrarily (without mentioning ginads) and add on the same site where the ad code will be placed;

3) set advertising code, replacing default text with braces {{url}} with a link to a php file. 

Could the Topline, Slider, Message banner, Bottomline and Fullscreen be placed at the same time?

You may place all formats in one page - it is the best variant of placing.
When you add site to the system, choose, please, the variant, which you need and install the code that you got.

How do we pay?

You must order a payment to 23.59 (UTC+3) Tuesday
and it will be done at Wednesday during the day.
The minimum amount for order - $2

In addition, there may be "automatic" and "urgent" payments - look for the section on "Profile" and "Balance". 

Do you have a reward for stable cooperation?

Site owners who continuously working with us for a month, will receive a 3% earnings bonus.
Within two months of continuous coperation monthly bonus is 5%.
Three months and more - plus 7% monthly.
Acceptable monthly downtime are no more than 2 days at a time and no more than 3 days total.
Traffic must not drop by more than 50%.

Is it allowed to place code analog of systems Ginads.com?

It not forbidden but the demand in the network for such traffic is much lower due to its lower quality

Ad is not displayed, what's the problem?

Advertisers specify geographical/time targeting and set amount limits.
It may well be that the current impression (your) could not find a buyer.
When this happens, banner and advertising will not be showen - you can assign "stub" to account to benefit from such unsold traffic.

For what do I get the money?

For all formats you get money for transitions on banners from your site to sites advertisers. 

What is the income of publishers from costs of advertisers?

Commission of network is 10% and publishers get other 90%

Can I register a new account by referral link from my other account?

No - it's considered as the violation of the System Rules.
The referral bonus can be chargeable only for display activity by the new user, which you brought up into the system



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